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Owner protection

The seasonal rental specialists.

Please note this directly concerns owners wishing to provide seasonal rentals:

There are a certain amount of companies that offer their services over the internet. The majority are illegal.

It is in your interest to know that the regulations concerning seasonal rentals in France are extremely severe.

A large number of foreign companies that offer holiday rentals do so while breaking the law.

Before signing a seasonal rental contract with a company, check, that they are properly registered with the local services in France.

The seasonal rental contrat that you will sign must be on a letter headed document with the French Company’s details, which are recognised by the french Chamber of Commerce and with the financial guarantees covering the activity of holiday rentals. Lacking these guarantees you may be lead to face the unfortunate consequences.

We have known of owners like yourselves that have met with problems when dealing with companies whose head office is abroad.

You can’t be too careful !
Find out all you can first from the french Chamber of Commerce !
With Rent Villas France you can rest assured : our regional representatives specialising in seasonal rentals are declared, properly registered and recognised by the ‘Préfecture’ and the necessary legal bodies.

Your holiday rental can therefore be assured in total confidence and protected against the proliferation of such companies that are working illegally.

Rent Villas France guarantees the respect of the maximum capacity of your holiday rental. The number of persons occupying your property will be respected.

Rent Villas France guarantees your holiday rental household appliances such as the dishwasher, the washing machine, the oven, the fridge, the micro wave etc.

Choosing a company like Rent Villas France which respects the essential conditions of protection related to seasonal renting is a guaranteed successful holiday for your future holidaymakers.

Companies improvising as ‘rental company’ without the necessary guarantees for such an activity should be eliminated.

Tax advantages
Don’t forget that seasonal renting can allow you to deduct 72% of these revenues from your income declarations.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on
00 33 442 238 238 if you do have a holiday property that you would like to offer for rent.

We would be happy to communicate any necessary information if you are thinking about seasonal rentals.
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