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Consumer protection

The specialists in appartment and villa rentals in France.

For your protection and comfort, we inform you that only companies registered in France, have the right to offer you an appartment or villa rental for your holidays.

Today a large number of foreign companies offer villa rentals in France over the internet.

You should therefore refuse any villa rentals in France from a foreign company if this latter does not posess :

 A real office in France, with an address, staff, telephone number etc.

If you are looking for an appartment or villa rental in an area where Rental France is unable to offer you something on its website please don’t hesitate to contact our reservations team. Not all of the regions are proposed on the website. We can also offer you an appartment or villa rental in Aquitaine, Charente Maritime, Corsica, Languedoc, Normandy and the Vendée.

We look forward to helping you find some great appartments and villa rentals in france for your coming holidays!

The reservations team.
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