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ADAR - Insurance for holiday rental accommodation

A stay in a French holiday home, be it in Brittany, Provence, the Luberon, or the Riviera should be covered by some kind of insurance.

Unlike when renting unfurnished property, the holiday maker is not obliged to take out insurance for their holiday home.
However, you are responsible in case of damage or fire to your holiday home (article 1732 of the ‘code civil’).

Therefore, we do strongly advise you to take out holiday insurance for your holiday home.

In most cases, if you own your primary residence, a comprehensive home owners policy will cover what is sometimes called ‘buildings insurance’ for holiday properties, through your public liability.

Holiday insurance taken out through general insurance companies is often incomplete or inexistant.

The simplest solution is to insure against all personal risks during your holiday.

ADAR insurance is here to offer you several different types of protection for your holiday home. You will find the details below :

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ADAR - Insurance for Rented Holiday Accomodation

Decisions on holiday destinations and accommodation are often taken a long time in advance. Between the time you book and the actual date, a lot of things may happen preventing you from taking your holidays : a stay in hospital, lay-off, professional relocation, serious illness, or a death in the family. Your down payment, or even the total cost of the rental will not be refunded.

The ADAR policy protects you against these events and allows you to book your holidays in advance in complete peace of mind.
- If you have to curtail your holidays, then you will be refunded for the unused portion of the cost.
- You are protected by a special personal liability policy that covers all materiel damage caused by fire, explosion, or floods.

  Any tenant as an individual, whether a French national or foreigner, renting furnished accommodation on a short term let through various professional agencies such as: Estate agents, Travel agencies, Tour operators etc.
The insurance covers the tenant, their husband or wife (including a de facto spouse or someone who is connected by civil agreement), their immediate parents or children, or their son or daughter-in-law, their brother or sister or any other person specifically mentioned on the application form for this contract and who will be living in the aforementioned accommodation.

Summary of cover

Guarantees Benefits
Cancellation due to :
Serious illness, accident, death, home damage, lay-off, relocation, roadblocks, strikes.
Down payment + contracted costs limited to 15 000 €
Curtailment due to :
Serious illness, accident, death, home damage, unavailability of accommodation.
Unused portion of cost limited to 15000 €
Personal Liability
• Material damage due to fire, explosion, floods.
• Damage to property belonging to the owner of the rented accomodation
• Limited to 1 525 000 €
• Limited to 2 300 €
with an excess of 45 €
Mountain or sea search and rescue By an authorised organisation.
Search and rescue costs
Limited to 3 050 €

This contract provides parties renting holiday accommodation for a period of less than 90 days with the benefits described below. The rented accommodation must be located in France or in a country bordering continental France.

Insured Persons may benefit from the guarantees offered by the ADAR policy by signing the contract for rental holiday accommodation and paying the ADAR premium that figures in the said rental contract indicating the indemnities. Other benefits, such as transportation may also be provided, if they are included in the rental contract and are covered by the premium. If the rental contract is for several families, then cover for each family corresponds to the portion paid. The rental contract is not cancelled and the cover provided by ADAR corresponds to the arithmetic portion of the affected family. It is necessary to provide ADAR or the agency, with the name(s) of the joint policy holders.


1 - Cancellation
The Insurer shall refund to the Insured Person all sums paid as down payment and all contracted costs in the event of the holiday being cancelled for any of the following reasons, limited to 15 000 € :

a) Serious illness, serious injury or death of the Insured Person or their spouse, their parents, their children or any other person mentioned in the rental contract. Serious illness or injury shall mean any health problems that prevent the Insured Person from leaving their place of residence or the hospital where they are being treated on the date at which the period of rental begins. Employees shall provide a doctor's certificate for at least 8 consecutive days. Other workers shall provide a medical certificate stipulating that they are unable to travel. Persons taking cures shall also provide evidence that they are covered by legal medical cover and that all expenses shall be refunded without any revenue clause.
b) Accidental damage to the Insured Person's home, second home or to a company belonging to the Insured Person occurring before the date of departure and requiring the presence of the Insured Person at the scene of the damage on the date of departure.
c) Lay-off or relocation of the Insured Person or their spouse, on the condition that they are notified by their employer alter the beginning of the period of insurance.
d) Road blocks or strikes that prevent the Insured Person from reaching the rented accommodation by road or by rail on the date of departure or during the following 48 hours, as certified by the local authorities of the district in which the holiday accommodation is located.
e) If the Insured Person is obliged to cancel or curtail their holiday during the 48 hours preceding or following the start of the period of rental because the site is made inaccessible due to : pollution, floods, fire, natural catastrophe or epidemic. Under this contract, these risks are considered to have occurred when access is totally dosed by the local authorities during the period of rental within a radius of 5 kilometres from the site.
f) Compulsory administrative attendance by official order.
g) Unavailability of the rented accommodation due to an unforeseen event such as fire, storm damage, Hoods or other natural phenomena.

2 - Curtailment
In the event of curtailment for any of the reasons mentioned under CANCELLATION in paragraph a), b) e) f) and g), unused but contracted rental costs shall be refunded, limited to 15 000 €.

3 - Search and rescue
The Insurer shall refund all mountain and sea search and rescue costs incurred by an official organisation in searching for and rescuing Insured Person, their spouse, parents or children, or any other persons mentioned in the rental contract up to a limit of 3 050 euros.

4 - Personal liability for material damage. The Insurer shall cover
In the event of fire, explosion, lightning, floods: material damage caused to properly belonging to the owner of the rented accommodation; material damage caused to neighbours or third parties; any resulting loss, in rent or usage; in addition to any existing holiday insurance.
This guarantee is limited to 1 525 000 euros.
b) Any accidental damage caused to: property included in the inventory and located inside the rented accommodation; any immovable property belonging to the owner of the rented accommodation.
This guarantee is limited to 2 300 euros alter deduction of an excess of 45 euros.


The following are excluded from the guarantees defined above.
Damage caused directly or indirectly by :
- Foreign wars : the Insured Person shall prove that damage had other causes.
- Civil war : the Insurer shall prove that the damage was caused by civil war.
- All direct or indirect effects of explosions, heat release, or irradiation due to atomic transmutation or radiation caused by the artificial acceleration of particles.
- Any damage for which the Insured Person is not liable.
- Any damage to the property of the Insured Person.
- Any damage to lights, fuses, electronic tubes, cathode tubes, semiconductor crystals, heating resistors and heating covers, any damage due to wear and tear, breakage or the workings of the damaged object.
- Theft of objects left in courtyards or gardens.
- Theft of objects located in common areas shared by various tenants or residents, except in the case of breaking and entering.
- Damage occurring when the premises containing the insured objects are occupied by third parties other than the tenant, his representatives or authorised parties.
- Suicide.
- Pregnancy.
- Accidents and illnesses whose origin was known prior to the period of insurance.
- Litigation or dispute regarding the description or inventory.
- Redundancy or relocation of employers or associates.


Any action resulting from this contract shall be subject to a prescription of two years as of knowledge of the occurrence of the event causing the said action. The Insurer has the right to claim against any person responsible for damage suffered by the Insured Person resulting in a claim.


AXA Courtage, represented by Cabinet ALBINET, trademark ADAR, public limited company with a capital of 200 000 euros -RCS Paris B 582 136 289. The complete General Conditions REF 714 DA 5/4/1988 can be consulted on request.

1- You must inform the Insurer within a period of 5 days, except in the event of force majeur.
2- You must inform your rental agency beforehand of the cancellation, indicating the reasons.
3- Once you have received confirmation from your rental organisation, you must send to ADAR all the documents needed for your claim : medical certificate, hospital certificate, notice of lay-off from your employer, etc...

Address :
ADAR Département Suivi d'Action de Vente
5, cité de Trévise - 75 009 PARIS
Fax : 01 48 01 84 83

Remember to include :
- your complete address
- your telephone numbers
- the name of your rental agency
- your rental reference number
- the start and end dates of your holiday.

You agree to allow the Insurer's medical expert to consult your medical records in the event of a claim for cancellation or curtailment. Otherwise, you will not be covered by the guarantee.

(3% of total cost of stay)

Insured Persons may benefit from the guarantees offered by the ADAR policy by signing the contract for rental of holiday accommodation and the insurance contract.

All guarantees come into force 24 hours after payment of the premium and terminate on the date of the end of the rental, which corresponds to the date shown on the rental contract, unless ADAR is informed otherwise.

If several tenants are indicated in the rental contract, then each tenant is insured on a pro rata basis. The rental agency or ADAR must be informed of the name(s) of the joint policy holder(s)

The ADAR contract benefits from the experience of the AXA group, to which AXA Courtage belongs.
Public limited company with a capital of 63394511.18 euros - RCS Paris 326 465 788.
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